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Urological Malignancies Programme Lead Professor Grant Stewart authors seminal review in The Lancet

UM Programme Lead Professor Grant Stewart has authored a seminal review for ‘The Lancet’ in which he and his international co-authors (including Professor Evis Sala and Mr Ben Lamb from Cambridge) lay out the current best multi-speciality practice for the management of localised kidney cancer, while underlining areas currently in need of further research and development. The review highlights developments in the treatment of kidney cancer over the past two decades, with the transition away from a siloed single-speciality means of treatment, whereby urological surgeons managed the localised stages of the disease and medical oncologists cared for patients if metastases developed, to a multi-speciality based approach.

In the review, Professor Stewart celebrates the greater understanding of the disease biology, diagnostic options, and innovations in curative treatments that have occurred over the last two decades, while acknowledging the increasingly more complex landscape for patients and clinicians to navigate now that such changes have introduced. Such an outlook necessitates multiple skillsets, and the evolution of a multi-speciality approach to the management of kidney cancer.

To read the piece in full, head here.


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