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CRUK Urological Malignancies Programme Travel and Training Awards Application 


Junior members of the Urological Malignancies programme are invited to apply for travel and training awards up to £500. Successful applicants should display the UM logo on their materials and we may also ask recipients to contribute to the UM website and social media with a written report, video, or images related to the award they’ve received.  

Having trouble seeing the form below? Click here.

ESMO Fellowships


ESMO fellowships provide funding for young oncologists in clinical and laboratory research, for short-term educational visits to longer translational research programmes for up to two years. The Urological Malignancies Programme welcomes oncologists or oncologists-in-training who wish to complete their ESMO fellowship with us. 

For further information contact providing your CV and explain why you're interested in completing an ESMO fellowship with us.

Go here to view and apply for ESMO fellowships.

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