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UM Programme Member authors chapter in new book

Updated: May 12, 2022

UM Programme Member Sabrina Rossi has authored a chapter on Renal Cancer in Basic Urological Sciences (eds. Karl H. Pang, Nadir I. Osman, James W.F. Catto and Christopher R. Chapple), with UM Lead Grant Stewart as senior author. Topics covered in the chapter include epidemiology of kidney cancer, risk factors, genetic syndromes associated with hereditary kidney cancer, and pathology of benign and malignant renal tumours.

According to Sabrina, 'the book is aimed at urologists revising for the final FRCS Urology examination, but it is also a useful textbook for anyone interested in basic urological sciences and clinical applications. The information may be useful to help pass exams, but also to better understand the disease and therefore improve patient care'.

Congratulations to Sabrina on her first book chapter!

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