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Repurpose your science for urological cancers and you could receive a £10,000 grant

Updated: May 12, 2022

The Urological Malignancies Programme is offering a pump-priming grant of £10,000 to an early-career, postdoctoral fundamental scientist who can utilise their research for urological cancers.

The UM Programme has a demonstrable background of innovative collaborations from diverse avenues, and we want to encourage more fundamental scientists into urological cancer research. We are dedicated to utilising skills and knowledge across different disciplines to maximise the advancement of global knowledge and expertise.

We are offering a grant of £10,000 as well as access to tissue and blood samples, and training and mentoring opportunities. We will also facilitate basic and translational research.

To apply, please submit a 500 word proposal by 28 January 2022. Send proposals to our Programme Manager, Dr Sarah Burge, at

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